Why is the device offline?

  • If you are using Asset Tracker or Personal Tracker series, there will be power saving mode in which the device will be sleeping during fixed time interval. Please confirm if the device is in those modes.
  • Another issue would be the signal strength around the device. If the device is deep down at a parking lot, or surrounded by crowded buildings, tunnels, the signal would be worse than usual, and the odds that device go offline would be higher. You can also cross-check with your cellphone for the signal coverage.
  • Check the installation. Please do not install the device where it will be surrounded by metal material, because metal cover will significantly affect the network and GPS signal strength.
  • Check SIM card balance. Recharge the balance to enable Internet access.
  • Check the battery life and/or the power supply circuit for the device. Make sure device is power on and stably powered.

If you failed to get the device online after above steps, please contact Jimi for technical support.